This Seams Interesting: EMU WAR

Welcome to the inaugural edition of This Seams Interesting. This will be a monthly series highlighting interesting, weird, and overlooked events and people throughout history. June’s topic is…   EMU WAR: Birds of a Feather Stick Together   What do you get when you combine the Great Depression, the Australian Wheat Board, the Lewis Automatic
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She Blinded Me With Science Vol. 3

This month is Women’s History Month. In honor of that I wrote a series highlighting women in science and medicine throughout history. Vol. 1 starts in the Ancient Greece and Vol. 4 concludes the series in modern times. Some of them are very famous and others are relatively forgotten in the grand scope of history.
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Famous Redheads Throughout History Vol. 2

Redheads are a big part of history. They helped shape our modern world and have made strides in every field imaginable, ranging from artists to monarchs to just being an interesting person. Learn and enjoy the illustrious achievements and lives in redhead history. Some are very famous and others are relatively unknown. Learn and enjoy!
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Today is Philip K. Dick’s Birthday

What is reality? Should we trust those in power? Who am I? These are among the questions that legendary cult god science fiction prophet Philip K. Dick weaved into his decades’ worth of novels and short stories. He had 44 novels and 141 short stories published between 1951 and 1982. Today, he would be 86.
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