Hasta La Vista Timeline

The biggest question for Terminator: Genisys was whether or not it would be more Judgement Day, and less Salvation.  The difference between two films in the same franchise is more than just screenwriters and directors, and twenty years.  I don’t know that I could trust anyone who says they’d rather watch T4 over T2.  There’s
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The Merry Marvel Money-Making Society

I have a correction, and if what my girlfriend says about me admitting my mistakes is right then this is momentous indeed.  Last week I said something about Captain America: The Winter Soldier being the first Marvel Studios sequel to not be denoted by a number.  That was wrong, and I am stupid.  Goodbye credibility…Anyway,
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Soldiering On

  **Disclaimer** I wrote this earlier in the week, folks, before I knew I’d be seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier a whole day early.  That’s right, I saw it Wednesday!  Na-Na-Na-Naboo-Boo! Though, I left the following column alone as it was- a pre-viewing piece.  Happily, I can say with great certainty that just about
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