Deliver the Profile – Episode 9: RoboCop

Ronnie and Jazz fulfill a promise and cover “Penelope”, part two of a crossover that involves the show’s least likable character getting shot and not dying. This one’s tangent heavy as the boys struggle to mount an effort to care when there’s no profile delivered and an unsub already established last time (as Longmire!). Is
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Deliver the Profile – Episode 8: The Lost Episode

It took three attempts over a series of weeks, but finally Ronnie and Jazz have covered Season 3’s “Lucky”! It’s about Fat Jamie Kennedy becoming less fat and also a cannibal, while Morgan struggles with religion over in Who Gives A Shit Ville. The frustration of having to watch the episode multiple times to refresh
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Deliver the Profile – Episode 7: Saki/Sake

Ronnie and Jazz take a step towards the modern day with a Season 10 episode, “Burn”! (Or “Burned”, it doesn’t matter.) Garcia goes to Texas to see an execution and the gang finds themselves dealing with another unsub obsessed with Dante. Just what does Gavin Rossdale have on the crew of Criminal Minds? Otherwise, the
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Deliver the Profile – Episode 6: Thomas Hempe

It’s hobo time as Ronnie and Jazz talk about Season 4’s “Catching Out”! They learn a lot about hobo culture, like what signs mean gullible cat ladies and which mean trouble. Also: J.J. is pregnant, and that continues to be her sole characteristic! Have you ever wanted to see Greg of Dharma and Greg fame
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