This Seams Interesting: AMINA, QUEEN OF ZARIA

Hello and Welcome, This Seams Interesting is a monthly column highlighting weird, overlooked, and ignored people and events throughout history. February’s Topic is…   AMINA OF ZARIA: African Warrior Queen Extraordinaire   Africa has a deep and rich history going from the Pharaohs of Egypt to the golden coast of the Asasnte to the Dahomey
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This Seams Interesting: MONGOLIA UNDER BOGD KHAN

Hello and welcome, this is This Seams Interesting. It’s a monthly column looking at weird, interesting, and overlooked people and events throughout history. October’s topic is…   MONGOLIA UNDER BOGD KHAN: Two Revolutions for the Price of One   When it comes to the Mongolian history, most people stop at the death of Genghis Khan
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This Seams Interesting: EMU WAR

Welcome to the inaugural edition of This Seams Interesting. This will be a monthly series highlighting interesting, weird, and overlooked events and people throughout history. June’s topic is…   EMU WAR: Birds of a Feather Stick Together   What do you get when you combine the Great Depression, the Australian Wheat Board, the Lewis Automatic
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