Happy Birthday Anthony Burgess!

If you’ve read my previous articles on authors (Ursula K. LeGuin and Philip K. Dick) that I really love and appreciate, there’s a recurring element. It is movies. This one is no different. I had recently started high school and just discovered Stanley Kubrick. I wanted to watch A Clockwork Orange but learned that there
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Today is Philip K. Dick’s Birthday

What is reality? Should we trust those in power? Who am I? These are among the questions that legendary cult god science fiction prophet Philip K. Dick weaved into his decades’ worth of novels and short stories. He had 44 novels and 141 short stories published between 1951 and 1982. Today, he would be 86.
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Eliza i

Famous Redheads Throughout History Vol.1

Everyone loves history. Everyone loves Redheads. Here’s a combination of the two. Vol. 2 will happen at some point in the future. Rurik, 830-879, founder of the House of Rurik and basis for the name Roderick The specific details surrounding his life are vague. What is known however; is that he was a Varangian prince
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Episode 37 – Romance Novels and Erotic Fiction!

Rhymes With Nerdy is pleased to welcome Author Shelley Ann Clark to the podcast to discuss Romance Novels and Erotic Fiction. Shelley’s first novel, Have Mercy, just debuted under Random House’s Loveswept Imprint. When I was about 14 years old my parents took my brother and I on a fishing trip, where we spent a
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