Deliver The Profile Episode 126: A G-g-g-ghost?!?!?!

Well, it’s finally happened: Criminal Minds is flirting with the possibility that the unsub is a fucking ghost. It’s not, but what if it was? “The Angel Maker” spends about 20 minutes down that route. In the aftermath of Hotch losing his hearing, there’s almost nothing done with that. Look, there’s not a lot of
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Deliver The Profile Episode 125: Porpoising

Well, it’s finally happened: Criminal Minds does 9/11. Mind you, they don’t actually take on that case, as 9/11 was allegedly already solved years ago. A plane crashes and it reminds everyone of 9/11, especially Jennifer Love Hewitt, who lost family in the attacks. “A Thousand Suns” is a real shitshow with multiple red herrings,
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Deliver The Profile Episode 124: The Boogerman

Say goodbye to Elle, the brunette we barely knew and didn’t really care about. She makes her exit in “The Boogeyman”, which is otherwise about a short staffed team pursuing a child murderer. Who could it be? Like all Criminal Minds mysteries, it’s not that hard to figure out. This episode features early performances by
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Deliver The Profile Episode 123: Criminal Minds: SVU

Suspect Behavior has finally ended, so Ronnie and Jazz are back to their traditional beat of Criminal Minds Classic. Yet this is a departure of an episode in that the unsub isn’t a serial killer at all–he’s a RAPIST. Did the boys watch an episode of SVU by mistake? No, unfortunately. “Aftermath” is the beginning
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Law & Order Season 3 #8 (#31): Who Munches The Munchmen?

Superheroes! Who doesn’t love them? Well, me, after they got so ubiquitous I couldn’t fucking ignore them anymore. Still, I have multiple bookshelves of comic book trades, owning way more Namor storylines than anyone has any business owning. I thought to ‘celebrate’ the release of the 47th Marvel Cinematic Universe movie-film, Avengers: Chunnel by covering the infamous
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