Deliver The Profile Episode 140: Best Episode Ever?

I’m tired of writing show descriptions that get deleted again and again so let’s get through this fast. “No Way Out”, perhaps the best Criminal Minds. It’s got everything, from Keith Carradine to milkshakes to missing kids to rib bones to people with the word ‘Crazy’ in there. Despite the podcast’s length, Ronnie and Jazz
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Deliver The Profile Episode 139: Clunk Wrent

Origins Month comes to a finish with “Charm & Harm”, an episode with suspicious similarities to the Season 14 episode “Chameleon”. Would Criminal Minds be so callow as to rip themselves off? This isn’t the venue to speculate, but yes. The serial killer drowns women and then switches his identity, from real estate guy to
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Deliver The Profile Episode 138: 21 Foot Rule

In this week’s podcast, Ronnie and Jazz discuss Season 1 ‘gem’ “The Tribe”, and we’re only being half-sarcastic with the gem appellation. This really is one of the best Criminal Minds hours. Why? John Blackwolf. He’s the Batman of Criminal Minds, at least according to Ronnie. As the profilers seek to solve some murders seemingly
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Deliver The Profile Episode 137: Going Off The Rails On The Unsub Express

Origins Month enters its second week as Ronnie and Jazz try to do anything but discuss “Derailed”, aka the train episode. More a hostage negotiation than an exciting adventure on the rails, “Derailed” is an attempt at an Elle episode that goes sideways when the writers realize they have nothing to say about a woman.
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Deliver The Profile Episode 136: The Who Is A British Rock And Roll Band

September means Deliver The Profile is doing Origins Month, aka a month of covering Season 1 of Criminal Minds. “Won’t Get Fooled Again” is the third ever episode of the series and it goes so far as to resolve the trauma that set up Mandy Patinkin’s character in the first place. We’re dealing with a
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