Deliver The Profile The REAL Episode 211: On The Ethics Of Buying A Monkey

A few weeks ago I screwed up and mislabeled an episode as #211. Well, this is the actual 211, folks. “Bully” sees everybody going to Blake’s hometown of Kansas City to solve some beating murders in which the victims are dressed in women’s underwear. Someone’s hunting J. Edgar Hoover! The podcast runs a little short
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Deliver The Profile Episode 210: Last Gasp of Relevancy

Well, BAU Disassembled ends with the cast cast to the four corners of the Earth. Reid is teaching, Rossi is helping out on a film set, Lewis is helping out Mulder and Scully in couples counseling (no really), and Prentiss is on the rat squad. What could force the team back together? Well, a contrivance
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Deliver The Profile Episode 209: Binda

The penultimate entry of BAU Disassembled occurs as “Annihilator” sees Linda Barnes (Binda) go out into the field to mess things up for the gang. A house of roommates and their companions are slaughtered. Who did it? Who cares, really, as the case is a means to an end: showing Binda is incompetent. Ronnie and
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