Deliver The Profile: TMNT 2014 Special

Movie month-or-so continues as Ronnie and Jazz cover one of their most hated movies ever: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from 2014, the Platinum Dunes/Michael Bay one. The hideous monstrosity Turtles. Gone are the adorable animatronic suits and in their place are 7 foot tall behemoths made of CGI. Why does everybody want to fuck April
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Deliver The Profile: Brahms: The Boy 2 Special

Deliver The Profile’s month of movies rolls on as Ronnie and Jazz make another excursion to the multiplex with Brahms: The Boy II. (Don’t worry, this was recorded back when “going to the multiplex” was a fun, plausible activity.) The Boy is an ironic favorite of the boys, so can the sequel live up to
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Deliver The Profile Episode 157: The High End Of Low

Everything’s fucked. Criminal Minds is over, COVID-19 has turned into a pandemic, there’s no baseball for anyone. Sorry for the delay in episode, but the world has literally gone to shit. Fear not! The DTP boys are here to help with your pandemic woes with a nearly 3 HOUR EPISODE covering the final two shows
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