Deliver The Profile Episode 196: The End (Not Really)

We at Deliver The Profile reach the end…of the Reid in prison arc. This premiere raises more questions than it does answers. Such as: what does Mr. Scratch want? Which character dies, and does it happen to be the one whose actor is no longer in the main credits? Does Hotch come back? Can Paget
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Deliver The Profile Episode 195: Guble Me This, Batman

Here it is. The Season 12 finale. The penultimate installment of “Reid in Jail”. The second to last time you’ll hear the kickass Oz version of the theme. “Red Light” wraps up the Aubrey Plaza portion of the storyline and it involves impregnation, secret lesbianism and hallucinations to make a dramatic point aplenty. Aubrey Plaza
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Deliver The Profile Episode 193: Nuclear Lunch Woman

It’s what you’ve been waiting for: the Walker focus episode! His friend, Hart Boechner, is in the hospital and it’s up to our newest addition to the BAU to figure out what ails his buddy. What does it have to do with Walker’s undercover work in Russia? Nothing, actually, but that won’t prevent Criminal Minds
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