Deliver The Profile Episode 298: The History of Quibi

Jazz is sick (again), explaining the delay in the DTP spigot. Fear not, though, the boys are back and ready to talk about “Conspiracy vs. Theory”, the halfway point of Season 17 of Criminal Minds. Psycho Pete returns, Voit joins some sort of Suicide Squad, Politico cares about Paget Brewster beating up Paul F. Tompkins,
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Deliver The Profile Episode 297: Dried Up, Tied and Dead to the World

Eyes are still being taken out in “Kingdom of the Blind”, episode 4 of the interminable slog that is Criminal Minds: Evolution: Season 2. This time the enucleator draws little tattoos on herself after committing the act, like Mr. Zsasz. Unlike Mr. Zsasz, nobody even approaching Alan Grant or Norm Breyfogle’s talent level is working
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Deliver The Profile Episode 296: Waifu Reid

Remember when Voit whispered something to Alvez and it pissed him off something fierce? Well, we find out what it is and it involves porn. Of the BAU. Rossi steamrolling Elle Greenaway while Reid wanks off in the corner. Presumably. There’s also a guy who kills people on moving day. As someone who’s moved multiple
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Deliver The Profile Episode 294: Goobers for Gubler

Send in the clowns! Yes, Virginia, Criminal Minds did a fucking clown episode, and it’s spectacular. Or stupid. One of those. A clown is killing men and leaving the kids alone, reversing the Pennywise paradigm popularized in Stephen King’s child pornography book. What results is a cautionary tale about the death of the American Dream
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