Deliver The Profile Episode 135: Toshiro Garrett

For the finale of CHILDREN IN PERIL month, Ronnie and Jazz tackle Beyond Borders Season 1 finale “Paper Orphans”. Set in Haiti, the episode is about a couple keen on adopting a Haitian boy lose their biological child during the night. But the hosts spend most of their time on tangents regarding spinoffs, Jack Garrett’s
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Deliver The Profile Episode 134: Scenes from a Mall

We’ve got another kid in peril on our hands in “Seven Seconds”, a Season 3 episode from that weird period between Gideon’s departure and Rossi’s arrival. The entire thing takes place in a mall, basically, and that means one thing: arcade games! Because it’s 1994. It at least gives Ronnie the opportunity to talk about
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Deliver The Profile Episode 133: Gabby Gabby Hey

Kids In Peril Month rolls on as it’s time for Once Upon A Time…in Hollywood star Julia Butters to get kidnapped and for the BAU to learn an important lesson about disruption adoption. Or something. It’s Mississippi, Los Angeles and the unsub or unsubs belong more on Justified than on Criminal Minds, so take what
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Deliver The Profile Episode 131: Hoach

In “Out of the Light”, Hotch becomes a youth soccer coach with Rossi as his assistant. It’s stupid but more valid than anything else that happens in the episode, which takes the gang to North Carolina and sees them delving into a case of missing and abducted women. Which creep is responsible this time, the
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