Deliver The Profile Episode 36: 8mm

It’s business as UNUSUAL when Ronnie and Jazz, now in their new studio, devote an entire episode to the Hotchtroversy/Kickmageddon. Thomas Gibson (Dharma & Greg, The Terminator) has been fired! Who will give orders and dress down black men now? The boys trace Gibson’s problems on and off set over the years as well as
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Deliver The Profile Episode 34: A Newt For Ash Wednesday

It’s the end of an era as Ronnie and Jazz say goodbye to the show…’s recording studio. Surrounded by boxes and bereft of dishes and silverware, the pair nonetheless spend over an hour discussing Dean Cain in “Snake Eyes”! He’s a gambling man whose luck correlates to him killing people. Is this story based on
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This Seams Interesting: THE KUBA KINGDOM

Hello and Welcome, Fellow History Lovers. I hope all is well and your summer isn’t a boiling hellhole. This Seams Interesting is a regular column focused on overlooked, weird, and forgotten people and events throughout history. It’s no secret that I love African history (I have over 30 books specifically on it). I’ve already covered
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