Deliver The Profile Episode 105: Frightmare on Whatever Street

This was recorded right before a Brewers playoff game, so if things seem rushed and haphazard then that is the culprit. This week Ronnie and Jazz anxiously eye the clock while discussing “Heathridge Manor”, which for Deliver The Profile and Criminal Minds may as well be the Halloween show for the year, despite it being
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Deliver The Profile Episode 104: Robbies, Burgies, Stealies, and Thefties

Business as UNUSUAL at Deliver The Profile headquarters with this episode, since “Psychodrama” contains elements that are a relative rarity. It has the original cast (that means Jason Gideon and Elle What’s Her Name) and the unsub commits robbery and sexual assault, two things that are not too often seen on Criminal Minds. The unsub
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Deliver The Profile Episode 103: Let’s Go Plane Time Soon

It’s a truth self-evident that ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft exist only to rape and kill. (And that’s just what they do to their employees/independent contractors/jail cover! Womp womp.) Criminal Minds puts that into practice with “Drive”, a Season 11 yawner in which a driver is killing people. Or is he merely
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Deliver The Profile Episode 102: Jamie Kennedy Returns

The Brewers lost to the fucking Dodgers and life is meaningless. But you don’t care about that, do you? You care about the new episode of DELIVER THE PROFILE! This time it’s an entry into uncharted waters: Season 13! Who are all these new people? Why did Paget Brewster get replaced by a pod person?
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