Deliver The Profile Episode 199: The Ballad of Click and Clack

The Beyond Borders team goes to Cuba in “The Ballad of Nick and Nat”. Cuba is portrayed about you’d expect it to be portrayed as given this is a CBS show produced by Gary Sinise. As such, it’s one of the shorter episodes of the podcast because Ronnie and Jazz can’t make abject propaganda funny.
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Menom on Venom Episode 1: Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Welcome to MENOM ON VENOM, an occasional spinoff to DELIVER THE PROFILE! Hosts Ronnie and Jazz take apart the highly anticipated 2020 film Venom: Let There Be Carnage, the best 77 minutes you’ll spend in the movie theatres all year! Ronnie is a Venom expert, much to his dismay, and Jazz has seen the animated
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Deliver The Profile Episode 198: David Rossi 64

The Beyond Borders team goes to Italy to capture a REAL LIFE SERIAL KILLER WHO KILLED REAL PEOPLE and it’s fucking gross, even by this show’s standards. Thankfully, Italy gives Ronnie and Jazz plenty of material to work with, as “Il Mostro” features not only cast members from The Sopranos but actors doing terrible Italian
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