Deliver The Profile Episode 192: Aggrieved Science Fair Loser

Shit rolls on in “True North”, as there’s…no fallout from what Reid did last episode and in place of repercussions are a jaunt down to Arizona where people have been tied to stakes, adorned with shock collars and…look, it’s all very elaborate and stupid. We’ll get to it. This episode introduces The Aggrieved Science Fair
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Deliver The Profile Episode 191: Tollbooth Vampire

The title says it all: “Hell’s Kitchen” is about a tollbooth vampire who runs a tollbooth when he’s not out vampiring. We’ve done a lot of dumb Criminal Minds episodes, but this is definitely top 3, alongside the autistic kid one and the sinkhole one. Ratboy from Sons of Anarchy transforms into BATBOY. Ronnie and
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Deliver The Profile Episode 189: Dr. Murder and Mr. Murder

In this shitpile we call an episode of Criminal Minds, somebody’s killing poachers by day and breaking into homes and killing people by night. Could they be connected? Probably. In other news, Reid is still in prison. Niles and Frasier are hassling him, and it looks as though Reid’s buddy Luis is not long for
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Deliver The Profile Episode 188: BONECRUSHER IS READY

Tatum O’Neal guest stars on this very special episode of Criminal Minds on this very routine episode of Deliver The Profile. “Assistance is Futile” takes the subversive tack of having a suspect’s mother come in out of the blue to tell the team her son’s the Bonecrusher they’re looking for. Reid is still in prison,
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