Deliver The Profile Episode 85: Not So Mysterious Skin

It’s an episode called “The Boys of Sudworth Place”, it’s part of Morgan Madness, you do the math. Jeffrey Nordling, who played the jerk coach in D3: Mighty Ducks, is playing something much worse. Ronnie and Jazz also talk about general topics pertinent to the show, like why does the team always break down doors.
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Deliver The Profile Episode 84: Level Three and Shit

Morgan Madness trundles onward as Ronnie and Jazz finish up the missing cousin storyline introduced in last episode’s “Big Sea” with this episode’s “The Company”. How was the initial investigation botched so badly? Why doesn’t Morgan’s mother make an appearance? Is JJ a better character when she’s mean? All these and more will be answered
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Deliver The Profile Episode 81: Morgan Got Molested

In our Christmas episode, Deliver The Profile talks about that time Morgan got molested. “Profiler Profiled” forces Shemar Moore to stretch his acting talents to their limit and the results are not pretty. When not trying to spin comedy gold out of child molestation, Ronnie and Jazz discuss the Blair Witch, exchange Christmas presents and
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