Deliver The Profile Episode 180: Joe Mantegna’s OnlyFans

Ronnie and Jazz discuss “The Slave of Duty”, aka the funeral episode of Criminal Minds. The cast says goodbye to Haley and pretends there’s a chance Hotch will quit the team. It takes a good kicking for that to happen as history has proven. The boys discuss Ronnie’s Hung Season 1 blu-ray and also devise
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Deliver The Profile Episode 178: Foxin’ Around

The Reaper Saga is at its halfway point as we greet the return of The Fox, last seen in Season 1’s “The Fox”. “Outfoxed” is about our foxxy foe having an admirer whom the BAU must apprehend. Of course the podcast is barely about that, and is mainly about wrestling and Goofy’s child rearing skills
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