Deliver The Profile Episode 159: Poison Control

This episode is a fucking trainwreck. Ronnie’s high on Valium, “Poison” is boring dross, and the boys spend most of their time on tangents like what the Holy Trinity is and the efficacy of dick pills. “Poison” is about some guy dosing random people with LSD. Groovy, man? No, not groovy. Maybe they should’ve actually
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Deliver The Profile Episode 158: Californiamplification

We’re baaaack! That’s right, the only Criminal Minds podcast has returned to making new content and there’s a lot of news to talk about: the Criminal Minds lawsuit, S.W.A.T. promising to not suck as much, Elmer Fudd losing his gun. There’s also the matter of the episode “Amplification”, about an anthrax outbreak that results from
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Deliver The Profile: TMNT 2014 Special

Movie month-or-so continues as Ronnie and Jazz cover one of their most hated movies ever: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from 2014, the Platinum Dunes/Michael Bay one. The hideous monstrosity Turtles. Gone are the adorable animatronic suits and in their place are 7 foot tall behemoths made of CGI. Why does everybody want to fuck April
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