Deliver The Profile Episode 157: The High End Of Low

Everything’s fucked. Criminal Minds is over, COVID-19 has turned into a pandemic, there’s no baseball for anyone. Sorry for the delay in episode, but the world has literally gone to shit. Fear not! The DTP boys are here to help with your pandemic woes with a nearly 3 HOUR EPISODE covering the final two shows
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Deliver The Profile Episode 155: Unkillable Monster

Criminal Minds would be an unkillable monster if it were not guaranteed to be ending this month. It certainly feels that way, as we’re dealt another double header. In “Date Night”, Cat Adams (meow!) returns to bedevil Reid, whereas “Rusty” is about a guy in a goat costume telling a dude to decapitate people. It’s
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Deliver The Profile Episode 154: King Kill 33º

Ronnie and Jazz recorded this during “The Big Game”, the sporting event they’re not allowed to actually name. Watching that would’ve been preferable to seeing “Ghost”, the halfway point for this final season of Criminal Minds and a story about a nobody copycatting a classic unsub in order to kidnap two FBI agents who don’t
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