Episode 18 – Dracula!

“Vlad Tepes! Vlad the Impaler! Dracula!” As Lady Jayne Wetherby says on more than one occasion, and that lady is nothing if not on-the-nose. Molly and I meet in the Skype-o-sphere to talk about NBC’s Vampire Drama, mostly about Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his INSANE American accent, how great Renfield is, Van Helsing’s terrifying silver
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Episode 17 – Downton Abbey!

Our very own Sleep Goblin joins myself and Amber to talk about everyone’s favorite family, The Crawleys of Downton Abbey. Why does Lord Grantham come across as so pompous? Why is Lady Cora so overlooked? Why did they feel the need to replace O’Brien with someone even worse? WILL BRANSON BE SHIRTLESS AGAIN?!?