Deliver The Profile Episode 130: Episode 150

The summer rolls on, the heat continues, everyone wants to die. But before dying, it’s time to discuss Criminal Minds! This time it’s the 150th episode in the original series, “Unknown Subject”. The sky is empty because the episode is full of stars, from Judith Hoag (the first April O’Neil, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) to
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Deliver The Profile Episode 129: The Joss Whedon Strangler

Many things are going on and the least interesting one is the episode under discussion, Beyond Borders’ “Citizens of the World”. Ronnie and Jazz also discuss Nicholas Brendon’s get rich sadly scheme, close the book on Babygate (we hope) and Ronnie tries to explain the plot of Mortal Engines to the bemused and hostile. As
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Deliver The Profile Episode 128: Reid Doesn’t What Johnny Depp Does

This episode is late, yes, but considering both hosts’ laptops are in various stages of death it is lucky there is an episode at all. “Somebody’s Watching” posits what if Amber Heard wanted to fuck Spencer Reid. Look, she married Johnny Depp, she clearly has some bad luck with men. (There will be no abuse
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Deliver The Profile Episode 127: Sending Mike To Belize

Sorry for the lateness, but we have a big episode for you, one nearing two hours. There’s Criminal Minds news as the Season 15 episode titles appear to leak. There’s show news as the podcast gets into a feud with a baby. Then there’s the matter at hand, “Love Interrupted”, a Beyond Borders episode about
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Deliver The Profile Episode 126: A G-g-g-ghost?!?!?!

Well, it’s finally happened: Criminal Minds is flirting with the possibility that the unsub is a fucking ghost. It’s not, but what if it was? “The Angel Maker” spends about 20 minutes down that route. In the aftermath of Hotch losing his hearing, there’s almost nothing done with that. Look, there’s not a lot of
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