Deliver The Profile Episode 150: Threats of Romance

Here it is, episode 150 of Deliver The Profile! What better way to celebrate this milestone than covering the risible Season 14 finale, “Truth or Dare”! Who the hell is this unsub actor and is he actually the worst thespian ever? Who the fuck wanted the possibility of a J.J./Reid romance? Spoilers, by the way:
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Deliver The Profile Episode 149: Mutilation Is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery

Close the book on 2019 with the final Deliver The Profile of the year! On this eve of New Year’s Ronnie and Jazz discuss a pivotal Season 14 episode, “Chameleon”! The unsub of the episode, The Chameleon, is promised to play a pivotal role in Criminal Minds’ final season (starting January 8th), so this is
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Deliver The Profile Episode 145: #releasetheteethcut

Deliver The Profile reaches the penultimate frontier: Season 14. What is this strange season and what does it contain? Why are the hosts doing this? Well, “Flesh and Blood” has a connection to an episode the podcast covered a few shows ago, which will become evident as you listen. (Hint: You’ll be good if you
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