Deliver The Profile Episode 145: #releasetheteethcut

Deliver The Profile reaches the penultimate frontier: Season 14. What is this strange season and what does it contain? Why are the hosts doing this? Well, “Flesh and Blood” has a connection to an episode the podcast covered a few shows ago, which will become evident as you listen. (Hint: You’ll be good if you
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Deliver The Profile Episode 144: Bird Hour

Goodbye Gideon comes to a close as the characters truly say goodbye to the Mandy Patinkin portrayed persnickety bird obsessive. By this we mean he gets his face blown off by the most gruesome antagonist yet – The Birdman! That’s not all. Witness what was to be the second Criminal Minds spinoff: Young Rossi and
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Deliver The Profile Episode 143: Milwaukee

We’re going back. Back to Milwaukee. Yes, Ronnie and Jazz’s hometown, the Big Apple itself, makes its return to Criminal Minds in “In Flesh and Blood”. The penultimate episode of Goodbye Gideon, it’s the last appearance of Mandy Patinkin. He makes his 38 seconds of screentime count. Meanwhile, a man is ripping women’s hearts out,
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