Deliver The Profile Episode 109: The Human Lie Detector

Back to basics as Deliver The Profile delves into “Magnificent Light”, an episode about a self-help guy who probably causes more damage to the world than the serial killer who’s obsessed with him. If that’s not enough, the killer is one of those people who can naturally produce LSD, so he can see words! Witness
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Deliver The Profile Episode 108: A Suspect Decision

That title means what you think it means: another Suspect Behavior episode. “Smother” has neither Smothers brother in it and instead has missing moms, inappropriate moms, breastbiting, video game playing, phone eavesdropping and vigils that shouldn’t happen. The hosts are feeling good because it’s the first time recording since SCOTT WALKER LOST RE-ELECTION. Celebrate good
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Deliver The Profile Episode 107: Zzz…

Wouldn’t you rather be sleeping? That certainly is the case with “Awake”, a Season 11 yawner about a man who’s searching for his daughter and will prevent people who may know something from sleeping. This is thematically rich territory because J.J., fresh off maternity leave, is ALSO sleep-deprived. A J.J. episode. WONDERFUL. Be sure to
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Deliver The Profile Episode 106: #KillTheShow

Episode 106 represents a turning point for the podcast. The hosts’ bemusement at the CBS procedural’s continuance into its third presidential administration has turned to outright disdain following an explosive piece in Variety about the show’s longtime director of photography being a known nutgrabber. (LISTENERS OF A SENSITIVE DISPOSITION: consider skipping the first 40 minutes
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Deliver The Profile Episode 105: Frightmare on Whatever Street

This was recorded right before a Brewers playoff game, so if things seem rushed and haphazard then that is the culprit. This week Ronnie and Jazz anxiously eye the clock while discussing “Heathridge Manor”, which for Deliver The Profile and Criminal Minds may as well be the Halloween show for the year, despite it being
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