Deliver The Profile Episode 206: Some Sort of Slendered Man

Ronnie and Jazz must contend with the Slender Man before there was a Slender Man, also known as “The Tall Man”. What does it have to do with JJ’s long dead sister? Why should we care? Has this show’s effects budget been slashed to garbage or what? Finally: how offensive is this episode to what
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Deliver The Profile: Kino Korner: Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Instead of doing a Criminal Minds this week, Ronnie and Jazz delve into the world of film with the worst of the year (so far), Ghostbusters: Afterlife! Why bring in Paul Rudd and make him a supporting character? Who wanted Ghostbusters gene slammed with The Goonies? Oh, you better believe it’s disrespectful to Howard “Bedazzled”
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Deliver The Profile Episode 203: Neon Demon (plus important Nicholas Brendon news)

Let’s start with the important stuff: Nicholas Brendon’s dick. Does it work or is it still under construction? Listen to find out. Then stick around for the part of the show that fulfills the podcast’s purpose, as the boys discuss “Neon Terror”. A media-obsessed unsub is killing people and taping them. Is it a not
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