Deliver The Profile Episode 249: Over

It’s over. Criminal Minds Season 16 is over, the manhunt for Sicarius is over, Doug Baby is over, it’s all over until they start shooting again and we must begin contemplating Season 17. “Dead End” boasts a number of highlights, from apparitions to Josh Stewart having to deliver expository dialogue like a person. Of all
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Deliver The Profile Episode 248: $549 Worth of Duct Tape

The penultimate episode has occurred, and it’s just as disappointing as you might expect. Rossi interviews Sicarius’ wife! Rossi interviews Sicarius himself! Flashbacks galore! Ronnie is overcoming sickness and may possibly be fucked up from DayQuil. Who knows! Who cares. The important part is this season is blessedly almost over, and there’s no tension because
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Deliver The Profile Episode 247: Hang Man

In Episode 8 of Evolution, Sicarius kidnaps a woman from SECOND Street and later pawns her off to sensational character find of 2023, Hang Man. In other news, Shemar Moore is a father, JJ’s kids are hideous monsters, Garcia is in a better mood now that she’s gotten laid, and Rossi takes a Pacific Northwest
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