Deliver The Profile Episode 254: Buffalo: Crime Capital of the World

Tribute To The Shield Month ends with neither a bang nor a whimper, just another daaaaaaaay of podcasting. “The Big Wheel” is about an OCD man who kills blondes and is definitely not just a ripoff of Peeping Tom, the Michael Powell classic. Did that have a blind kid who got around by clicking? Didn’t
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Deliver The Profile Episode 253: La Brea

In this Tribute to The Shield episode, the boys welcome Ronnie Gardocki himself, David Rees Snell, to the show. Too bad he has a nothing role in a nothing episode (“Remembrance of Things Past”). Like, we’re talking Season 6 nothing. There’s so little to talk about the boys spend a digression on the NBC hit
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Deliver The Profile Episode 252: Stathis Borans

This episode has it all: a digression about something President Trump said last year, a possibly good episode of Criminal Minds, and the guy who played Stathis Borans in The Fly and the quite possibly underrated The Fly II. There’s so much incident it unfortunately overshadows our Shield alum this week, Catherine Dent. And she’s
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