Deliver The Profile Episode 246: Adventures in Babysitting

It’s what you’ve been waiting for: a Deputy Director Baby spotlight episode. In a completely unnecessary sidequest, the team heads to West Virginia to stop a religious-themed injustice collector with a problem with opioid users and abusers. Hey, opioid crisis, eh? That’s in the news, isn’t it? Meanwhile, Lewis looks at her phone a lot
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Lois & Clark & Chris & Ronnie: “I Now Pronounce You…”/”Double Jeopardy”

Ronnie: We’re here! We’re finally here! (Or are we? More on that later…) Ever since Lois found out Clark’s secret, and their will they/won’t they settled into “will they”, it’s been inevitable that the two be married off, if only for the show’s strange and juvenile approach to sexual politics. They can’t live in sin,
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Deliver The Profile Episode 245: Blood Red Green

Jazz is back and so is Criminal Minds: Evolution. Episode 6, “True Conviction”, sees the BAU race against time to free a wrongfully convicted man on death row even if it pisses off Lewis’ girlfriend. Meanwhile, Sicarius visits his Harry Morgan and Garcia kisses someone. Oh, it’s very eventful. Oh yeah, that cliffhanger from episode
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Deliver The Profile Episode 244: Ripped From The Racist Headlines (with Dr. Daniel Daughhetee)

Jazz is sick with Havana Syndrome, so it’s up to 3 time DTP champion Dr. Daniel Daughhetee to pick up the slack. In this gap week between Criminal Minds: Evolution, we decided to cover “Bloodline”, aka the Most Racist Episode Of Anything Ever. A family of Romanians–or Gypsies, pick your poison–go around murdering parents and
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