Deliver The Profile Episode 242: Filler! Sweet, Beautiful Filler

It’s a great sign for Criminal Minds: Evolution that the fourth episode of ten is inconsequential garbage, as opposed to consequential garbage. Home invasions, dark passengers played by guys from Prison Break, dead security guards, cancer scares, it’s all a smorgasbord of shit. How do Ronnie and Jazz keep themselves entertained? That’s for you to
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Deliver The Profile Episode 241: Doggone it

In this episode, the unsub of the season gets a canine companion, loses his job, is called a beta cuck and is forced to subscribe to some magazines. Everything’s very busy for Sicarius, so much so that the BAU contending with a bomber never really resonates. “Moose” is more about the antagonist, the boring, cliched
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Deliver The Profile Episode 240: Devolution

Here it is, what you’ve all been waiting: (nearly) 4 hours of Deliver The Profile devoted to the new season of Criminal Minds, Season 16/Evolution. Who’s back? Who isn’t? Who looks like shit? Who doesn’t have to wear a wig anymore? The BAU is in disarray with the characters scattered to the winds, just as
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Deliver The Profile Episode 239: It’s All Geek to Me (with Daniel Daughhetee)

Daniel Daughhetee (Albama Public Libary) comes back to the show to discuss his most favorite of things: boring history shit only nerds would like. That’s in full effect with Season 9’s “Fatal”, about an unsub poisoning people. The twist is he’s giving them a warning a day. “About Face” did that too, but they mention
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