Deliver The Profile Episode 244: Ripped From The Racist Headlines (with Dr. Daniel Daughhetee)

Jazz is sick with Havana Syndrome, so it’s up to 3 time DTP champion Dr. Daniel Daughhetee to pick up the slack. In this gap week between Criminal Minds: Evolution, we decided to cover “Bloodline”, aka the Most Racist Episode Of Anything Ever. A family of Romanians–or Gypsies, pick your poison–go around murdering parents and kidnapping their daughters for forced arranged marriage. Criminal Minds, which is not a tolerant program to begin with, stoops to new lows here. Ronnie and Daniel go behind the bigotry to name and shame the creatives as well as announce the death of a beloved conservative entertainer (nearly) live. Oh, and since “Bloodline” takes place in Alabama, Ronnie gets to poke fun at Daniel’s home state quite a bit.

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