Deliver The Profile Episode 221: Chiraq

The boys’ trip to Chicago concludes in a weird episode about an unsub killing at the behest of an Internet radio show. Hey, we don’t write this shit. Potentially more interesting is a subplot in which Rossi meets with his third ex-wife because she wants him to attend his daughter’s wedding. The thing is, the
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Deliver The Profile: Kino Korner: Jurassic World Dominion

Ronnie and Jazz go to the movies, and this time it’s the abominable locust themed film Jurassic World Dominion. To quote William Hurt in A History of Violence, “HOWWWW do you fuck THAT up?”, that referring to a movie about dinosaurs in an uneasy coexistence with humans? Listen to the podcast to find out!


Deliver The Profile Episode 220: Abducted in Plain Sight

“Where’s Hotch?” is over, so the boys are taking a two part trip to Chicago baby, Chi-ca-go. In “The Return”, children are being recruited by some sort of boogerman to commit violent crimes against the police. This is stupid for a number of reasons, as Ronnie and Jazz will point out in the podcast, but
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