Lois & Clark & Chris & Ronnie: “Target: Jimmy Olsen!”/”Individual Responsibility”

Ronnie: In our penultimate column of Lois & Clark & Chris & Ronnie for the second season of Lois & Clark, we’re faced with something that occurs rarely but still too often: the Jimmy spotlight episode. Chris and I are in agreement that while Landes’ portrayal wasn’t great, Season 1 Jimmy far outpaces Season 2
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Deliver The Profile Episode 219: “Creeps”

“Where’s Hotch?” comes to an end and finally Ronnie and Jazz can stop with the Season 12 episodes already. “Elliott’s Pond” is about some kids who go missing in a case that resembles an earlier child abduction. Wrapped up in all of this is Neil Phipps, the creep from Eagleheart. Will they find the kids
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Deliver The Profile Episode 218: The Minotaur

In “The Anti-Terror(ism) Squad” the most vulnerable of us all are targeted: bullies. Will the Mindsers stop the threat to our treasured bullies or will, as is what usually happens, a bunch of people die until they ultimately stop an unsub that’s holding someone at gunpoint? Ronnie tries to convince Jazz all this episode is
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