Rhymes With Nerdy Book Club Issue 1 – Star Trek: TNG Dr. Who: Assimilation2

Beth:  So what did you think? Sleep Goblin: These are my main take-aways: 1. Why couldn’t the artist draw Amy? 2. Even though the story itself was rather flat, I appreciated that all the characters really sounded like themselves.  I could actually hear them all saying those things in their voices. 3. I am such
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Episode 16 – Dr. Who Christmas Special ‘Time of the Doctor’

Molly and I discuss the high and low points of Matt Smith’s farewell episode, why we have issues with Dalek People, wooden cybermen, and Stephen Moffat’s insane retconning. Were we the only ones who had Castaway flashbacks with ‘Handles’? How did I find myself finally liking Clara? And HOW EXCITED ARE WE to finally see
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