Episode 22 – RoboCop & The Lego Movie!

Rhymes with Nerdy goes to the movies! How does the RoboCop remake stack up against the original? Is it cynical to call a the Lego movie a shameless ploy to increase toy sales, or is it really about imagination and creativity? One thing I know, I am never getting “Everything is Awesome” out of my
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Episode 21 – Gaming!

Hello Faithful Listeners! You will be glad to know that Brian the Liberator has wrested control of the podcast from Beth the Dictatorial! Newfound freedom abounds! We exercise our hard-won rights with a discussion on various facets of gaming, from video games to board games to not-games like celebrity voices we’d give sex to. Embrace
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Episode 20 – Justified!

Jay is back to talk about one of our returning favorites, Justified. Centered in town of Harlan, Kentucky and based on a series of Elmore Leonard novels, the show follows affable criminal Boyd Crowder and Deputy US Marshall Raylan Givens, who is in my friend Ronnie’s words “A hunk in a hat shooting people who
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