Hannibal Group ReWatch Highlights – Episode 3!

HannibalS01E03-0042Kip: The LL Bean antler murder collection

HannibalS01E03-0125Beth: Deer are a lot like us, we like corn and poop in the woods. Kip: they murder other girls that look like them, right dad? right?

roflbot(6) Kip: we’ve been poking them with sticks, its fun.

6xrhbKip:  HEY I DID THAT! I mean.. I am the killer, I did it. Beth: Fancy Cannibal is blushing and wishing he’d brought his big notebook to cover an obvious boner.

roflbot(10)Kip: You killed my dad, without antlers…It felt weird.

roflbot(9)Kip: Will: Murdering is… Hannibal: RAD! Will: I was going to say awful..are you the killer? You are aren’t you?

combine_imagesBeth: Hello pleased to eat you, I mean meat you. Damn it. MEET you.


Kip: there are no heels or faces…there are just people and just actions.. and I am the killer, I mean I am not.. I mean.. aw fuck yeah its me. Skinner: Wait… Hannibal is a bad guy?


Kip: Hannibal please stop licking the cement.. so gross.


Kip: Nice work detective. We all saw him run off


Beth: Jesus Christ Antlerstar


Kip: I remember saying to myself oh it’s doctor hannibal and then he slammed my head into the wall, it was weird.


Kip: I have a certain set of skills Abigail


Kip: you can call me Unkie Hannies Beth: yay Cannibal buddies forever or until you smoke me on a bed of dry hay, whichever comes first.






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