Groupwatch: Hannibal the Movie – Part Two!


Kip Reed everyone has curly hair and is a god damn model

Jody Skinner Sayid from Lost had it coming

Rhymes With Nerdy Podcast That guy is leaking Kool Aid

Jody Skinner I haven’t seen gushing like that since xnxx



Brian Skinner So many busts in this movie but nothing sexy

Rhymes With Nerdy Podcast why is he wearing a suit, if I was that guy It would be pajamas for life

Ronnie Gardocki Oh cool, Gary Oldman’s in the movie, and he looks like the Jigsaw doll in the Saw movies




Brian Skinner Check out this cat video Mr Verger

Kip Reed Bingo… what does the computer screen say I can’t really see.. at all.

Kip Reed the crypt keeper: the early years

Brian Auron I call him HANNIBAL the… CANNIBAL EH HEH HEH HEH!

(Sir, that’s the original joke)

OH, oh, ok. He’s going to have a FRIEND… for DINNER! EEE HEHEHEHEHEHE!

(That, too, sir.)

Wow, really? Ok. I’ll keep working on it.



Brian Skinner Shoes before shirt – dressing Italian style – Italian Style Dressing if you will

Brian Auron I put my shoes on in my underwear, too! Maybe I’m Italian?

G.g. Launchbaugh boy this is certainly advancing the plot.

Ronnie Gardocki I feel like if this movie’s about anything, it’s about characters wasting the time of other characters



Brian Skinner This artsy fartsy stuff seems a bit … You know

Jody Skinner Finally. The Liotta brain opera we’ve all been waiting for

Kip Reed this opera is so beautiful… hopefully it stays super unominus



Chris Jones Finger sandwich?

Brian Skinner Where is the fat lady? She’d probably be delicious

G.g. Launchbaugh I like you, I’ll eat you last

Kip Reed it’s super progressive he’s married to a skeleton, in the south that shit would not fly.

Jody Skinner I’m getting turned on by the sheer amount of forehead being shown

Brian Skinner She’s so charmed by this old sack of mashed potatoes posing as a dangerous intellectual



G.g. Launchbaugh ah the glories of windows 3.1 !

Chris Jones fbi.net? Are they running an isp?

Ronnie Gardocki Hannibal’s gonna be jerking off to the best porn Compuserve provides, pissed off that the pick up line “you are what you eat…and I wanna be you” bombed

Brian Skinner Imagine if they had access to the power of the Almighty Cloud?

Jody Skinner Mac books and font Geneva



Chris Jones Are you interested in changing your long distance provider?

Brian Auron I’v-a already got-a my cigarette-a lit, whaddaya wamme ta do?

Kip Reed Jez Agent.. it’s 1:30pm we are wrapping up the day here.

Brian Skinner He’s a-gone-a-home-a

Kip Reed are you sure you haven’t sold his location to pig murderers?

Brian Skinner Europeans smoke – this movie is accurate

Brian Skinner No speaky English – except all the time

Kip Reed I prefer to stay involved.. so I can get a cool movie death.



Kip Reed Go for pig murderers

Jody Skinner It’s-a me, Mario!

Brian Skinner Finally since non stereotype italians

Kip Reed well I totally have put my faith in two hicks from the backwoods of nowhere…this shit should work out



Ronnie Gardocki “I need to prove my intellectual superiority before I eat someone”

Rhymes With Nerdy Podcast That tie is the most terrifying thing in this scene

Ronnie Gardocki Hannibal’s basically an Image Comics version of a one-off foil to Frasier on a mediocre episode of Cheers

Brian Skinner He wakes up and plans each day’s foreshadowing meticulously



Kip Reed odd because I am pretty sure I just ate your wife…JUDAS!

Rhymes With Nerdy Podcast I’ll be a minute gathering my things, you’ll be forever gathering your guts

Ronnie Gardocki This is the worst last night of drinking ever. Or should I say it’s a bottle of Chianti with a side of INCIDENTAL CHARACTER I KILLED, CHOPPED UP AND TURNED INTO EDIBLE MEAT



Kip Reed this blinking system could change the language game as we know it

Jody Skinner Suddenly he resembles Rodney Dangerfield.

Brian Skinner Duct tape – is there anything you can’t do?



G.g. Launchbaugh buffy’s tavern, 8 ball speaking



Brian Skinner She don’t care because she’s got spunk

Kip Reed No this is Janet from… not the FBI..

Brian Auron “Dr. Lecter, I’ve spent the movie so far proving how many more balls I have than my male coworkers, so I SAY YOU AGIN, SAY YOU ME IS HE DAY-YED!?”

Ronnie Gardocki If Hannibal was from Kentucky no one would like the character

Jody Skinner Not even with 13 original spices

Rhymes With Nerdy Podcast Let me clarify doctor….calling you when you’re on the can is an awkward moment. Not when you’re about to disembowel a dude



Chris Jones Hoist by his own petard…

Brian Skinner This better not be the end of the Italian stereotypes in this movie

Jody Skinner How’s it hangin’?

G.g. Launchbaugh oh that’s just offal

Brian Skinner Fuck you G.g.



Kip Reed Ridley Scott gets the Italian and Japanese in one shot! Nailed’em!

Ronnie Gardocki I like how Italy is basically a city block at Universal Studios in this movie

Brian Skinner You don’t see that everyday in Osaka

Kip Reed yeah see the guts stand for society and the phone stands for progress and society dumps on progress but it’s like you just can’t hang around man

Brian Auron The crowd stands for Hannibal, consuming the whole affair, while Hannibal, oddly enough, stands for academia.



Brian Auron Enhance… *typing*…Enhance… *typing*… Enhance…

Kip Reed Everyone always hikes Runyan Cannon (LOCAL JOKES!)

G.g. Launchbaugh Run Clarice Run!



Brian Auron “Do you think Hannibal will like my Jason Cosplay?”

Kip Reed the mask definitely draws the eye

Brian Skinner This reminds me of the movie Mask

Ronnie Gardocki This week: Hannibal fights the dastardly villain PARAPLEGO



Brian Skinner Looks like Verger really lost face with that failed plan

Jody Skinner Mr Verger just put pop rocks on a can of soda. The “eat my face” thing was made up.

Ronnie Gardocki “Look, Gary Oldman, pose rhetorical questions all you like, I still need to get at that bedpan”

Brian Skinner I’m sorry I can’t concentrate on your words because you know … your face.




Jody Skinner Inner lip-smackin’ good!

Ronnie Gardocki In the sequel, Hannibal has to push a blind man down the stairs



Brian Skinner Oh come on costuming director

Brian Auron How much more WASPy can Ray Liotta get?

Jody Skinner Corn pone pussy or straight arrow!? Make up your mind while you still have it Liotta



Kip Reed Miss Starling no evidence leads to any proof but you’re a woman so you will shut up in this office.

Brian Auron “Clarice, you’re obviously boffing Hannibal. Who is a queer. I can tell, ‘cuz he likes artsy fartsy. Ignore my short white shorts.”

Jody Skinner Philastines? You mean Philistines? Hannibal didn’t write it

Kip Reed I am starting to think the FBI is bullshit

Brian Skinner The evidence is that you’re a woman wearing pants

G.g. Launchbaugh I wonder if Krender will be made into a Cruller?

Ronnie Gardocki The fucking X-Files did a better job of showing the FBI of not consisting of 3 people



G.g. Launchbaugh dogs watching TV- now that’s entertainment

Brian Skinner Dogs hate cannibals – Google it

Jody Skinner That’s it. The German shepherd dies too. Who speaks better Italian than all y’all.

Kip Reed you see Rover is good boy, not rude.. not rude. Please..




Brian Auron I simply must have a clock. I’m all artsy-fartsy queer, you see.

Brian Skinner He’s so cultured – I know because the soundtrack is smashing me in the face with it

Ronnie Gardocki I want a reboot of the character where Hannibal only listens to Britpop



Kip Reed Hospitals: You can pretty much walk in and take whatever the fuck you want.

Jody Skinner Operatics in the OR. Fitting.

Rhymes With Nerdy Podcast He just walked in and stole all that stuff, this is Obamacare’s fault


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