Groupwatch: Hannibal the Movie – Part One!

Patrick Guder I actually haven’t watched this all the way through before.

Kip Reed neither did Ridley Scott





Jody Skinner Joan Rivers just after surgery

Brian Skinner Too much handsome





Patrick Guder PIGEONS! AHHHH!!!!





Brian Skinner Can’t shake those fish mongers. They’ve monged it all

Jody Skinner Farmers market = tattoo sleeves. Inevitable.

Ronnie Gardocki This is kind of the Hannibal Lecter version of the pre-credits Bond action setpiece, only this is completely worthless and stupid.




Rhymes With Nerdy Podcast Dressed to Impressed

Jody Skinner …as a zebra

Brian Skinner I hope the baby is a gun





Kip Reed This is actually not a shot from the movie, it’s just Julianne Moore realizing what movie she’s in.





Brian Auron FOX35, for all your Funereal and Police Activity news

Kip Reed what the fuck you couldn’t get nine of the same kind of TV??

G.g. Launchbaugh tonight on plot summary tv…

Rhymes With Nerdy Podcast why is his bed in the dining room?

Brian Skinner Hard reporting – pulls no punches – now let’s ground this story with the faceless guy.





Brian Auron Ray Liotta: “My GOD these glasses are tasty.”

G.g. Launchbaugh ooo Henry Hill is pissed





Kip Reed this is snake pants from homeland, clown nose from agriculture, Henry Hill from goodfellas, and that’s vice admiral silly walk.

Jody Skinner The pearl earrings are overstated.

Kip Reed I had a choice to take this role… I said no, then they said do you like money? And sir..I took that money sir. Is that good enough for you?





Brian Skinner The real tragedy? His haircut





Jody Skinner Pinstripe or seersucker? Why decide?

Ronnie Gardocki Cordell Doemling? FUCK YOU MOVIE, THAT’S NOT A REAL NAME

Brian Auron Hello, Agent Starling, I’m the wormy guy!





Brian Skinner By all means put the microphone on my dick

Jody Skinner Her best acting is looking at Mr Verger with a straight face.

Ronnie Gardocki “Julianne Moore humors mutilated cripple: The Motion Picture”





Jody Skinner “The dark side of turtlenecks – at 11!”

Kip Reed poppers.. not even once

Ronnie Gardocki Drug use based on the film “Reefer Madness”

Rhymes With Nerdy Podcast Peeling his face off also made him lose all that rockstar hair

Brian Skinner They peeled faces off twenty hobos to get the look accurate

Rhymes With Nerdy Podcast #facewich





Brian Skinner Don’t move your teeth Miss Moore – it’s called acting

Jody Skinner Whole faces are starting to look abnormal too me…





Brian Auron Surely someone who saves a pigeon can’t be a greedy monster!

Rhymes With Nerdy Podcast Time for Pigeon Pie

Brian Skinner Needs more stags

Jody Skinner #foodstamps

Ronnie Gardocki “Can you blame me for earning a quarter million spilling monster person secrets to a monster person?”




Rhymes With Nerdy Podcast Fuck these pigeons

Kip Reed Anthony Hopkins reads Pigeon: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE

Ronnie Gardocki Hannibal’s probably gonna be in this movie at some point, right? This isn’t a Spider-Man 2 situation where he’s thrown his mask into a garbage can, saying “I am Cannibal-Man no more”, right?





Rhymes With Nerdy Podcast Sunglasses indoors…eurotrash

Kip Reed Hey excuse me just one more question sir, am I… am I Jean Reno?

Rhymes With Nerdy Podcast I like that guy better when he’s trying to destroy House Atreides

Jody Skinner Hats and cigarettes in church. Ahh Italia!




Brian Skinner It’s him!!! #cannibalwich

Brian Skinner That hat is a … Choice

Jody Skinner A lifestyle choice. 1st amendment.

Ronnie Gardocki A fucking hat can fool the Italian security apparatus, obviously

G.g. Launchbaugh nobody looks good in that hat…okay, Bowie does.






Rhymes With Nerdy Podcast Look at that Kerning…so hot…

Brian Auron Handwriting As An Instrument of Evil: by Hannibal Lecter

Ronnie Gardocki If this was made now, Hannibal would totally forward a lot of anti-Obama chain letters to Clarice




Kip Reed Let’s see.. Dear Clarice if you don’t mail ten copies of this letter..

Jody Skinner “Dear Clarice, we’ve landed in Normandy. Many have died. I may never see you again, sweetheart, but if I do….your face is mine.” -Lieutenant Hannibal

Brian Skinner I write ‘alas’ all the time in my threatening letters

Chris Jones The Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes is getting elaborate…

Ronnie Gardocki “Great, some Frasier-esque creep is sending me letters again”

Kip Reed tata… HANNIES





G.g. Launchbaugh he can really play that newspaper!

Kip Reed really candle light.. a little on the nose biting don’t you think?

Brian Skinner Take a shot every time he says Clarice because he said it in Silence of the Lambs




Rhymes With Nerdy Podcast A panel of the worlds finest noses

Ronnie Gardocki Mark Margolis! Noted Jewish Italian Latino villain

Jody Skinner Don’t bring the smell guy to the State Fair.

Kip Reed ..ambergis.. KFC… Sandalwood… KFC extra crispy





Brian Skinner Look about twenty percent more haggard please

Jody Skinner The only thing bigger than Interpol guy’s nose are the bags under his eyes. Even Southwest would charge a fee.




Kip Reed that’s the nicest Olive Garden these eyes have ever seen

Rhymes With Nerdy Podcast he’s dressed like the room he’s in!!!

Brian Auron Cut out of this movie: Hannibal, Alfred, and Bruce seeing each other across the tables.

Kip Reed if some couple doesn’t’ start to fight and then make love immediately I am turning this off




G.g. Launchbaugh not since geocities have I seen such a spectacular website

Rhymes With Nerdy Podcast He’s checking il googles


Chris Jones Should have asked Jeeves…

Brian Auron I like how the page to access the database is public, but when you do so, it tells you you’re breaking the law.

Kip Reed I either have to hack this site for the top ten or go to a post office.

Jody Skinner #milkcarton

Brian Skinner ‘Password123′

G.g. Launchbaugh password is swordfish

Ronnie Gardocki I love the search engine that only gives you the one thing you want. In reality this dude would have to sift through a lot of “sign up 10 friends to get a free Hannibal Lecter PS4″





Kip Reed She’s listening to Can We Just Be Friends on the Rhymes with Nerdy network available on iTunes now!





G.g. Launchbaugh Ray Liotta likes the boobies

Kip Reed I keep thinking this is where the FBI stashed Henry Hill.. in plain sight.. so perfect.

Brian Skinner So he got a job because of his power of insight like “artsy fartsy people like chamber music and other dudes”

Brian Auron “Queers like artsy fartsy stuff. I like football and boobs. I’m a straight cop. Boobs.”

Brian Skinner Subtle writing on this character

Ronnie Gardocki Hahaha, Liotta totally botched saying “fiefdom”

Jody Skinner Is corn pone pussy alliterative enough?

Ronnie Gardocki See, they’re characterizing Liotta as irritating so NO ONE WILL HAVE A PROBLEM WITH A MONSTER PERSON EATING HIM LATER

Brian Skinner So all dudes are basically monsters … seems accurate




Jody Skinner Plastic? In Italy? Next you’ll tell me they eat babies

Brian Skinner Call our vague accent hotline

Kip Reed the number is 00 GO BLOW ME.. aw you damn jerky boys!

G.g. Launchbaugh the call was coming from inside the phonebooth!


Rhymes With Nerdy Podcast That guy has great hair


Ronnie Gardocki In the next movie, Hopkins kills and eats everyone who dares to say “could care less” when they mean “couldn’t care less”

Jody Skinner Do de-craniumed brains cool off from 98.6 too fast to warrant a hot plate? Guess we’ll find out.

Kip Reed Hannies is smoking and barefoot.. I feel so fucking weird right now





Brian Skinner Needs more busts

Kip Reed let me just pull these blood splatter curtains

Jody Skinner I hoard shit and wear silk pajamas. It’s what doctors do.

G.g. Launchbaugh Ash already, we can’t stand the tension!

Brian Skinner So we’ve heard goody goody and okie dokie – Best Script Ever

Brian Auron Coming up: Hunky Dory and Totes McGotes

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