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Deliver The Profile Episode 26: Buy Her Book Goddamnit

Jazz is dead or fired or something like that, but it’s time to move on, not mourn. It’s either what he would have or would not have wanted, and those are some good odds. That’s why Ronnie welcomes guest host Rhymes with Nerdy grand poobah Beth Auron (author of Longbourn’s Songbird) into the mix. As a Criminal Minds neophyte she has a lot of uncanny yet accurate observations, like how J.J. is overly virginal and that the New Orleans of “Jones” doesn’t represent New Orleans any more than the movie Stay Alive or the illustrations on Popeye’s Chicken buckets does. In a world of terrible accents the two try to determine what the point of this episode is and, not shockingly, they come up empty. The fact that, quality-wise, it’s definitely in the top ten episodes of Crim DTP has covered only intensifies the feelings of disgust and alienation. And don’t worry, the feminine touch hasn’t decreased the amount of rape jokes, not one bit. Grab yourself an indigent young male (Poorboy) and dig in!

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