Deliver The Profile Episode 225: The David Eckstein of Profiling (with Chris Ludovici)

Jazz is still in the nether-zone, so that means Ronnie must partake in another Marvel Team-Up! This time out it’s Chris Ludovici, his partner in crime in many a writing project (Lois & Clark & Chris & Ronnie included). They try to talk about anything besides Criminal Minds, but invariably the topic drifts back to “Masterpiece”, AKA the one where George Costanza dresses up like a fried chicken mascot and taunts the FBI. This is Chris’ first episode of the show so he has a lot of questions. Other topics broached include what comic book roles Jason Alexander could play, the physics of Grifter’s mask, what a real Joss Whedon Justice League would look like, and many more. This is a long one, folks, but how could you cut any of the gold out?

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