Deliver The Profile Episode 132: A Talking Hell!?!

Ronnie and Jazz return to Season 1 as part of KIDS IN PERIL MONTH with “What Fresh Hell?”, an episode about, well, a kid in peril. Billie Copeland has been abducted by a guy with a van and a leash and nobody knows what to do, least of all her bickering parents. Can the BAU save Billie before the all-important 24 hour mark? It’s television, of course they can and will. Morgan tackles a guy with cancer, Gideon gives the creepiest possible answer to the question “is that your family?”, and Elle is stuck on mothering the mother duty. All that and a dead junkie prostitute that exists solely for a fake out makes for an exciting episode of Criminal Minds. Remember, this is Season 1, back before all emotions regarding the show were not subsumed by grim obligation.

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