Deliver The Profile Episode 102: Jamie Kennedy Returns

The Brewers lost to the fucking Dodgers and life is meaningless. But you don’t care about that, do you? You care about the new episode of DELIVER THE PROFILE! This time it’s an entry into uncharted waters: Season 13! Who are all these new people? Why did Paget Brewster get replaced by a pod person? Is Joe Mantegna gradually becoming some sort of Tamarin? The reason for this episode is summed up in the episode title (of the podcast; the show’s title is “Lucky Strikes”): Jamie Kennedy Returns. We did our take on the original appearance way back in a technical problem filled Episode 8, and it’s been ten years of Criminal Minds since Kennedy’s Leatherhead-esque cannibal made people eat BBQ made from missing women. What’s he up to now? It’s certainly something STUPID.

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