Deliver The Profile Episode 101: Home Improvement

It’s back to normal for Deliver The Profile, as Ronnie and Jazz discuss “Closing Time”, a boring episode of vanilla CM that doesn’t even have the courtesy to use either the Semisonic song or even the instrumental off Tom Waits’ album of same name. Boring normalcy is the point, though, as “Closing Time” is a Criminal Minds classic straight from the seventh season, about a guy cutting dicks off, wrapping corpses in plastic and shoving them in a lifeguard tower. Who can’t relate to that scenario? Meanwhile, Hotch wants to get laid after years of nothing thanks to a cold fish wife, a divorce and then that ex-wife getting gutted by a serial killer.

More importantly, Ronnie bought the Home Improvement Complete Series boxset. 2 episodes of HI down, 202 to go!

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