Deliver The Profile Episode 100: Juking

Here it is! After nearly three years, Deliver The Profile (your ONLY Criminal Minds podcast) hits 100 episodes! Except we also did episodes that didn’t count in the official numbering. Forget those! It’s NUMBER ONE HUNDRED, BABY! We’re hoping the milestone distracts from the fact that it’s an episode of the Jack Garrett Imperialism Power Hour, aka Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. “Type A” features a phoned in cameo by Paget Brewster and takes the IRT to Thailand, getting justice for a friend of Prentiss’ and Seager’s that has never been mentioned before and will never be mentioned again. This one’s for you, [looks down at notes] Lisa!

Thanks to everyone who listens to the podcast: you help make this possible. Tell your friends! Tell your enemies too, it doesn’t matter!

Here is proof of the juking if you did not believe us.


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