Deliver The Profile: Kino Korner: Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Instead of doing a Criminal Minds this week, Ronnie and Jazz delve into the world of film with the worst of the year (so far), Ghostbusters: Afterlife! Why bring in Paul Rudd and make him a supporting character? Who wanted Ghostbusters gene slammed with The Goonies? Oh, you better believe it’s disrespectful to Howard “Bedazzled”
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Kino Korner: Eternals

Blame my idiot friends. I wasn’t going to see this until they coerced me, saying they wanted to read my review of such a thing. I was otherwise going to coast on the same 5 jokes I had about the film, namely that Gene Hackman was coming out of retirement to play “Bingus” and Sprite
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Kino Korner: Dear Evan Hansen

In the year of our lord 2021 Rhymes With Nerdy is a clearinghouse for Law & Order reviews, comic book retrospectives, and apparently ill-advised addiction confessionals. That’s fine. It works. But what if we switched gears and wrote about something not even in the same zip code as the remit? I’m talking, of course, about
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