Deliver The Profile Episode 39: Thank You, Come Again

It’s Beyond Borders week at Deliver The Profile, and that means Ronnie and Jazz are depressed, disgusted and want to be anywhere but in the DTP basement bar. In this special totally intended to be released on 9/11 episode, everyone goes to Mumbai, California and Beyond Borders tackles another fear of white people who go
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Deliver The Profile Episode 38: “Let’s All Go For A Spin!”

It’s the special Labor Day episode of Deliver the Profile, which is not released on Labor Day, which doesn’t mention Labor Day, and doesn’t cover a Criminal Minds episode even tangentially related to Labor Day. What can you expect from a podcast that celebrates Halloween in April? Up to bat is “Fate”, wherein a woman
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Deliver The Profile Episode 37: Sleepy Ronnie

Ronnie barely stays awake and he and Jazz discuss the boring hallucinatory episode “Mr. Scratch”! Could director Matthew Gray Gubler rip off The Grudge any more? How is the unsub so skilled? Why the fuck is Jennifer Love Hewitt on the show, and why aren’t her breasts prominent supporting characters? All this and what stupid
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Deliver The Profile Episode 36: 8mm

It’s business as UNUSUAL when Ronnie and Jazz, now in their new studio, devote an entire episode to the Hotchtroversy/Kickmageddon. Thomas Gibson (Dharma & Greg, The Terminator) has been fired! Who will give orders and dress down black men now? The boys trace Gibson’s problems on and off set over the years as well as
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