Deliver the Profile – Episode 6: Thomas Hempe

It’s hobo time as Ronnie and Jazz talk about Season 4’s “Catching Out”! They learn a lot about hobo culture, like what signs mean gullible cat ladies and which mean trouble. Also: J.J. is pregnant, and that continues to be her sole characteristic! Have you ever wanted to see Greg of Dharma and Greg fame
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Deliver the Profile – Episode 3: Hunks

Ronnie and Jazz discuss a Season 5 episode of Criminal Minds, “Parasite”, which shows the pitfalls of investing your money; the man or tapeworm you give your money to may be crazy. Along the way, they discuss Night Man, Goosebumps and why they care about their Jewish listenership but not their St. Louis Cardinals fan
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Deliver the Profile Episode 2: Jenna Elfman

In this episode, Ronnie and Jazz take on an unsub who takes peoples’ eyes out with a melon baller. But this is more a jumping off point from which they discuss Killer Croc’s penis, the Buddhist afterlife, Gremlins, and a potential Criminal TeenMinds spinoff. Also: Ronnie and Jazz’s recording session is interloped by a neighbor’s
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