Deliver The Profile Episode 18: Manghazi

Ronnie and Jazz are both sick, both sober and both having had it up to here with Criminal Minds! In Season 8’s “God Complex”, Ray Wise switches people’s legs in order to discover the scientific breakthrough that will give his wife another leg. He’s like Mr. Freeze with less realistic science. Despite their reverence for
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Deliver The Profile Episode 17: Ronnie’s Birthday

What’s the best way to celebrate a birthday? Why, record a podcast, of course! Ronnie and Jazz cover “A Real Rain”, a Season 1 episode set but definitely not shot in New York City. There, a vigilante is offing people who got away with crimes. Is he Green Arrow? Is he Dexter? No, he’s just
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Deliver the Profile Episode 16: Duke Pops

It’s the most tangent heavy episode yet as Ronnie and Jazz delve into the first episode (“Two of a Kind”) of the terminated with extreme prejudice Criminal Minds spinoff, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior! What makes this different from the original? Why is Janeane Garofalo on a regressive procedural? How the hell does an ex-con become
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