Deliver The Profile Episode 24: Baby With A Gun

Ronnie and Jazz finally have something to talk about in Season 3’s “About Face”, the episode of Criminal Minds that introduces Joe Mantegna into the mix! The boys discuss what makes him a different animal from Mandy Patinkin and comb through his filmography to determine why he might have chosen the relaxing 9 to 5
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Deliver The Profile Episode 23: Steve

You know it’s a rough episode of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior when the boys are unfavorably comparing it to The Following! “Lonely Heart” takes us to Ohio, California, wherein a serial killer is getting someone to murder for him from behind bars and that someone is a SHEsomeone. That’s all there is to it, so
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Deliver The Profile Episode 22: We Just Met You, And This Is Crazy

We don’t want to spoil the surprise in this episode, so all we’ll say is that Criminal Minds goes to Alaska, which looks a lot like California, and Garcia is more annoying than usual in “Exit Wounds”. Those who are filling out their Criminal Minds episode maps, remember that they’ve not gone to Hawaii, nor
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Deliver The Profile Episode 21: CRWN

It’s Deliver The Profile’s customary Halloween episode, recorded and aired in April as usual! “The Good Earth” has a woman using men as fertilizer, which sounds like an EC Comics story that no one remembers for good reason. It’s forgettable enough that this is a more unwieldy episode than usual. Granted, these descriptions say that
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