A History of Stupid Black Manta Origins

Well, it finally happened: Aquaman has achieved something resembling legitimacy. The James Wan directed 2018 picture opened to warm reviews and excellent box office receipts and will certainly shape perception of the character for years to come. No longer will he be the orange shirted douchebag who talks to fish and is conspicuously useless among
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Deliver The Profile Episode 109: The Human Lie Detector

Back to basics as Deliver The Profile delves into “Magnificent Light”, an episode about a self-help guy who probably causes more damage to the world than the serial killer who’s obsessed with him. If that’s not enough, the killer is one of those people who can naturally produce LSD, so he can see words! Witness
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Deliver The Profile Episode 108: A Suspect Decision

That title means what you think it means: another Suspect Behavior episode. “Smother” has neither Smothers brother in it and instead has missing moms, inappropriate moms, breastbiting, video game playing, phone eavesdropping and vigils that shouldn’t happen. The hosts are feeling good because it’s the first time recording since SCOTT WALKER LOST RE-ELECTION. Celebrate good
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