Deliver The Profile Episode 167: Underage Scrimshaw

It’s back to the Criminal Minds salt mines with “The Internet is Forever”, a Season 5 screed about the dangers of the Internet. It’s pretty hypocritical to rail against it when the team uses it to solve all their cases. Anyway, there’s J.J. botching a press conference, Rossi going mano y mano with another old
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Deliver The Profile Episode 166: Inside The Inside

Ronnie and Jazz take a break from Criminal Minds by reviewing the totality of the 13 episode Rachel Nichols starring procedural THE INSIDE! Like Criminal Minds, it’s about a team of barely charismatic TV actors hunting down serial killers large (an obese cannibal) and small (a child). Is Rachel Nichols basically playing the same character
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Deliver The Profile Episode 165: Ashley Seaver Part V: Supply and Demand

Because you demanded it! Maybe. Ronnie and Jazz talk about Cats, the horrifying nightmare film that everyone hated last winter. But that’s not all! They also discuss Season 6 finale “Supply and Demand”, a sex/murder trafficking story so boring Ronnie completely Mandela Effected the ending. Also: the triumphant return of Nicholas Brendon, the ignominious departure
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Deliver The Profile Episode 164: Ashley Seaver Part IV: With Friends Like These…

The descent into Seaver Madness continues with “With Friends Like These…”, a delightfully stupid tale about imaginary friends and how they can coerce insomniacs to kill. Seaver becomes an official member of the team finally and Reid continues to suffer from headaches. On the podcast front, the concept of “Jazz Classics” is introduced for your
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Deliver The Profile Episode 163: Ashley Seaver Part III: Corazon

In “Corazon”, which is Spanish for some sort of spaceship, Reid has headaches, the team engages with Afro-Caribbean culture, and Seaver does little more than ask fairly obvious questions. Yep, sounds like a Criminal Minds all right. But this episode of Deliver The Profile is mainly concerned with who the Headless Horseman, what his deal
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