Episode 3 – Urban Fantasy!

Rhymes with Nerdy adds to it’s ever-growing list of co-hosts when I sit down with Brian and Amber to talk about Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. We discuss the good, the questionable, and the downright unreadable authors within the genre. This episode features lots and lots of geeking out over how amazing Sandman Slim and Mercy Thompson are. Slight warning, there is a frank talk about sex, why Harry Dresden almost never gets laid while Anita Blake seems to do nothing but.

Allow me to school you:

• For more about Sandman Slim and other works by Richard Kadrey click here. Sadly Kaos Beauty Klinik is no more but you can see Kadrey’s (SFW) Photography here.

• For more about Mercy Thompson and other works by Patricia Briggs click here.

• For more about Harry Dresden and other works by Jim Butcher click here.

• If you want to know why I have so much hate for Anita Blake, this pretty much sums it up. 

Beau grew up in South Carolina but now calls Portland home. She can get by pretty much anywhere as long as she has her books, iPhone and Netflix.

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