Deliver The Profile Episode 172: President Ben

The election may be over (or is it?), but Deliver The Profile’s work has just begun. (In fact, there’s probably enough CM episodes left over for four more years of podcasting.) This week’s episode takes on “Rock Creek Park”, a political-ish episode about a congressman’s wife’s kidnapping. Throughout the endeavor we learn more of Reid’s
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DCU: Duhcisions

Politics in superhero comics has always been tricky because a) vigilantism is inherently reactionary and b) most superhero writers don’t know much about politics, to say nothing of depicting it with nuance. It’s for these reasons something like DCU: Decisions exists, DC’s 2008 efforts to capitalize on the election fever created by the multicultural multigenerational movement
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Deliver The Profile Episode 171: Frosted Frakes

In this episode, Ronnie and Jazz discuss Season 5’s “The Uncanny Valley”, one about a woman turning women into living dolls. But mainly it’s an excuse to talk about Star Wars’ own Jonathan Frakes, who makes an appearance in the show. And what an appearance it is! Beam me up, Scotty, am I right? The
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Deliver The Profile Episode 170: Wedding After Wedding After Wedding

Wedding season comes to Criminal Minds and the participants are who you least expect! Actually, that’s a lie. But there’s a lot of other things happening in this episode, “Run”, such as Prentiss’ departure, J.J. being a viking ninja cowboy over the fate of her son, a secret unsub, and more wealth porn courtesy of
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