Hannibal Group ReWatch Highlights – Episode 2


Beth: Welcome to the Blue Collar Cannibal’s Antler House Kip: This guy is the most prolific Deer murderer the Agency has ever seen.



Kip: Hey way to murder that dude in his kitchen! YOU THE MAN, Prof!



Kip: Will, I am the cool psychologist! What Jack doesn’t know won’t hurt him. You can call me Mr. H! Beth: Just don’t leave your snot rags lying around. Kip: Or I’ll eat you. No seriously, I am the killer. I eat people. End of show.



Kip: My brother in college told me about this marijuana that’s really like mushrooms. Skinner: Kids these days – so cool with dead bodies. Thanks, internet.



Skinner: Mmm…now I’ll never want mushrooms again. Unless they’re organically dead body grown. Kip: You haven’t had your mushrooms grown on a dead body? They’re all the rage in Portland and Nashville. I once had a call for a lady that had abdomen pain and she was a large woman. We moved her to the gurney and one of her folds opened up and a sandwich fell out and it had eaten thru her skin into her abdomen. Beth and Skinner: *screaming nightmares for days*



Skinner: If you can’t make sharp witted comments in front of dead bodies full of mushrooms, you aren’t worth your weight in mushrooms.



Kip: Whatever you do don’t! Pull the skin…thanks, Katz. Skinner:  Not the type of mushroom heads you usually see on naked dudes. At least alive ones.


Just as sane as you are, Dr. Lecter.

Beth:  I can imagine you as my therapist, because I am obviously crazy. Skinner:  I always try to match the walls in a room I might end up in at the end of the day.


Never Eating Again.

Never Eating Again.

Skinner: PIG POOP. Beth: It just sounds better when Scott Thompson says it. Skinner: True, he is the superior Canadian here.



 Skinner:  Lesson of this – never go to a pharmacy. They know too much. Kip:  This is why i get all my pills from that dude that lives in the old blockbuster building.



Kip: Hate to see her go, but love to watch her turn into a mushroom farm.




 Skinner: Just another hospital stag. Kip: Paging Dr. Stag, you’re needed in the Glen.



Come Hither, my Nither.

Come Hither, my Nither.

Skinner: Time to fuck on this hospital bed oh wait person on it.



Kip: Fucking hipster barista,  just give me the coffee, I don’t need to see your art.



Beth: SURPRISE there IS no future me. Skinner:  WHAT A TWIST! I bet future him if he had lived would appreciate it. It’s ironic. Like rain on a wedding day.



Kip: I asked for a brown blanket they gave me a blue, I am dealing with a lot of shit right now Crawford. Skinner: Crazy person shoots someone in front your face and talks about mushroom brains and you’re so calm because your hair. Beth: “He’s gonna bury her…and I’m just now telling you an hour later.” Kip: She had to wait for the blanket to arrive.



Kip: Excuse me I am looking for the murder scene survivor ward.



Skinner: Brains are mushrooms. Mushrooms are humans. HUMANS ARE MUSHROOMS. WE’RE ALL TOAD. BOW DOWN TO PRINCESS PEACH. Still better than that Super Mario Bros movie and Yoshi’s Island.


Beau grew up in South Carolina but now calls Portland home. She can get by pretty much anywhere as long as she has her books, iPhone and Netflix.

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