Happy Emerald Anniversary, Twilight Zone!

“There is a television program, an elegant, enigmatic element of entertainment that engaged and ensnared the collective consciousness of American culture. That very program challenged, changed, and contorted culture considerably for decades afterwards. That program is, The Twilight Zone.”   Today at exactly 10:00pm will be the fifty-fifth anniversary of the aforementioned, The Twilight Zone.
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Law & Ordocki #4: Law & Order: CI: Getting Brain, Getting Brained

NOTE: Last week, Law & Ordocki referred to Richard Belzer as “the world’s greatest sex machine”. This was incorrect; in fact, Kris Kristofferson is “the world’s greatest sex machine”. Richard Belzer is “Connecticut’s greatest sex machine, 1973-1978, 1980, 1983″. We apologize for the error. Law & Order: Criminal Intent is easily the least self-assured of
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