Deliver The Profile Episode 29: Thai Sabretooth

Jazz is drinking, Ronnie isn’t, Jazz is angry, Ronnie is subdued. It’s not Bizarro Day, it’s the boys’ first effort at reviewing Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders! The pilot, “The Harmful One”, takes the IRT (who cares what it stands for) to Thailand, and it’s a race to see who’s more ignorant about the locale, the
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Deliver The Profile Episode 28: Slumber Behavior

[yawn] Sorry, but if you saw “See No Evil”, the third episode of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, you’d understand. In a much shorter episode than usual, Ronnie and Jazz try to talk about anything other than the episode. They discuss the latest casting news for Criminal Minds Season 12, how to ruin David Caruso’s life
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Tiny Detective!

Deliver The Profile Episode 26: Buy Her Book Goddamnit

Jazz is dead or fired or something like that, but it’s time to move on, not mourn. It’s either what he would have or would not have wanted, and those are some good odds. That’s why Ronnie welcomes guest host Rhymes with Nerdy grand poobah Beth Auron (author of Longbourn’s Songbird) into the mix. As
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Deliver The Profile Episode 25: We Are 25

It’s the 25th episode, and Ronnie and Jazz are waxing nostalgic with the first ep of Crim Ronnie ever saw, Season 4’s “Cold Comfort”! Why does Rossi hate psychics so much? Was setting this in Olympia a deliberate effort to prevent Frasier jokes? How big is the Olympia necrophile underground? And how doesn’t someone slap
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