Deliver The Profile Episode 198: David Rossi 64

The Beyond Borders team goes to Italy to capture a REAL LIFE SERIAL KILLER WHO KILLED REAL PEOPLE and it’s fucking gross, even by this show’s standards. Thankfully, Italy gives Ronnie and Jazz plenty of material to work with, as “Il Mostro” features not only cast members from The Sopranos but actors doing terrible Italian
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Kino Korner: Dear Evan Hansen

In the year of our lord 2021 Rhymes With Nerdy is a clearinghouse for Law & Order reviews, comic book retrospectives, and apparently ill-advised addiction confessionals. That’s fine. It works. But what if we switched gears and wrote about something not even in the same zip code as the remit? I’m talking, of course, about
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Deliver The Profile Episode 196: The End (Not Really)

We at Deliver The Profile reach the end…of the Reid in prison arc. This premiere raises more questions than it does answers. Such as: what does Mr. Scratch want? Which character dies, and does it happen to be the one whose actor is no longer in the main credits? Does Hotch come back? Can Paget
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