Deliver The Profile Episode 153: Breaking The Same Old Ground

Ronnie and Jazz really didn’t care for this one, despite the fact that it was a change of pace, despite the fact that Paul F. Tompkins was in it. “Saturday” is the BAU’s Saturday, in which the characters are not on a case and instead go about their stupid personal lives. Reid meets a girl!
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Deliver The Profile Episode 152: Ka-Boom Ka-Boom

What the hell is “Spectator Slowing”? It’s the newest Criminal Minds, but the phrase is nonsense. We thought it was “Spectator SHOWING”, but it’s not. Anyway, the BAU must stop a mad bomber who sends people photos of their own home along with the bomb. Also, Simmons is at home taking care of his shitty
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Deliver The Profile Episode 151: New Model No. 15

Well, we’ve come to it: Season 15. The end of the line. Ronnie and Jazz go long with the two-headed premiere of “Under the Skin” and “Awakenings”, which is variously about men’s chests, bad impersonations, lesbianism, unrequited love, face ripping and a terrible Iggy Pop cover. The hosts try to keep their sanity by discussing
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Deliver The Profile Minisode 2: Criminal Minds Talks The Talk

What’s this? A bonus? Yes, Virginia, there is a minisode of Deliver The Profile! In case you don’t remember, minisodes are episodes that are an hour or less that don’t cover a specific CM show. This time Ronnie and Jazz are assaulted by the catastrophic series of choices that is Criminal Minds going on THE
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Deliver The Profile Episode 150: Threats of Romance

Here it is, episode 150 of Deliver The Profile! What better way to celebrate this milestone than covering the risible Season 14 finale, “Truth or Dare”! Who the hell is this unsub actor and is he actually the worst thespian ever? Who the fuck wanted the possibility of a J.J./Reid romance? Spoilers, by the way:
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